[005.5] React Native Weekly Drip #5, and Exercise: Flow

Interesting links for the week and exercise about flow

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React Native Weekly Drip #5, and Exercise: Flow [12.21.2016]


Testing React components with Jest and Enzyme

How to test React Components using Jest and Enzyme.

Introducing the React VR Pre-Release

The pursuit of the maximum frame rate for web-based VR experiences has meant an increase in complexity for developers. React VR aims to simplify the process and bring VR creation within the reach of all web developers.

Pouchdb with async storage

Pouchdb with async storage

The Cost of Native Mobile App Development is Too Damn High!

A nice article talking about the development in React Native and the costs of creating a native app for each platform.

Bridging React Native Components with Tadeu Zagallo of Facebook

A React Native audio episode with Tadeu Zagallo. He explains a little bit more about Bridge in Native Components.


Flow is a static type checker for Javascript. You should ask yourself, why should I need a static type checker?

  • Code easier to maintain
  • Allow an easy refactoring in the future
  • Catch erros as soon as possible

Flow is not a compiler, but it's a type checker, this is one big difference related to Typescript.

This week exercise is to use Flow in our last code: