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React Native Weekly Drip #8, and Exercise: Add Redux to React Native Docs [01.27.2017]


Introducing React Navigation for React Native

A flexible navigation library for React Native and web, including customizable views for React Native, routers for any platform, and navigators that make it super easy to get started. We aim to provide a simple and extensible solution which enables developers to share one navigation paradigm for all of their React apps.

Raspberry Pi 3 based home automation with NodeJS and React Native.

Home Automation with RPi and Javascript.

Add percentage to React Native

Summary: Adds support for percentage value in react native.

syntax: property: 100 | property | '100%'

Devin Abbott of Deco Software and React Native Express

React Native Radio episode

Getting Started with React Native Development for Windows

You can use React Native for Windows.


In our React Native Docs we're not using Redux, but we have all the structure for it. Add Redux in our app. You can use redux-loop if you want.