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React Native Weekly Drip #9, and Exercise: Integration with Firebase [02.03.2017]

Introducing Lottie

New open-source tool makes adding animation to native apps a snap.

AWS SDK for React Native

AWS SDK for React Native (developer preview)

Microsoft React Native and Mobile Tooling

React Native Radio episode: Special Guest: Microsoft Team: Keith Ballinger and Parashuram Anarasi

React Native Physics

A physics library for React Native (in progress)

Realm React Native 1.0

Powerful Object Database Meets the Realm Mobile Platform

Nachos UI Kit

Nachos UI components


The next week we will focus on Firebase. Firebase can help us with an entire infrastructure designed to help developers. It has Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Authentication, Realtime, and other features. We will focus on Database for the moment.

Your exercise is to build a grocery list and you can use some UI Kit you would want, like Nachos, NativeBase or React Native Elements.

  • List all the elements
  • Add each element in firebase