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[001.5] Elm Weekly Drip #1 and Exercise: Counter Extended [05.10.2016] by Josh Adams

Links getting a bit further introduced to the Elm ecosystem, and an exercise to expand upon the Counter application we started in the last episode.

[039.3] Exploring Elm Native UI Further [03.15.2017] by Josh Adams

Looking into some elm-native-ui apps' code and talking through it a bit.

[049] Markdown Server, Part 4 [05.13.2016] by Josh Adams

Building a poor man's livereload system using inotify and websockets.

[050] Markdown Server, Part 5 [05.13.2016] by Josh Adams

Accepting environment variables for configuration and filtering out files we don't want. Plus, a call to action to build BEAM Toolbox.

[012] Processes and messaging [05.13.2016] by Josh Adams

What are processes? Playing with processes; Encapsulating state in a process

Note: The a <- b syntax has been replaced with send(a, b)