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[077] Exceptions and Errors [05.13.2016] by Josh Adams

Manually raising exceptions, handling them, defining your own, and using them idiomatically.

[042] File, Part 2 [05.13.2016] by Josh Adams

mkdir; rmdir; mkdir_p; stat; open; stream!; read; stream_to!; regular?; touch; rm; write; rm_rf; write_stat

[070] Hex [05.13.2016] by Josh Adams

Elixir's new package manager.

[008.2] Completing Our Addon [12.28.2016] by Brandon Blaylock

Finishing the addon, publishing it to npm, and setting up CI.

[280] Building a Dashboard with Kitto [11.21.2016] by Josh Adams

A dashboard framework descended from Dashing, with flair.