[001.1] Introduction to Sidekiq

A basic introduction and overview of the Sidekiq background processing system.

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Introduction to Sidekiq [05.13.2016]

Sidekiq is a gem that provides simple, efficient background processing for Ruby. It can be used in any Ruby project, and also integrates tightly with Rails for easy background processing.

You can write and schedule jobs easily, and you also can mount a great looking dashboard for tracking your jobs. Here's what it looks like: Sidekiq Web UI

In addition to being a fantastically useful open source library in general, Sidekiq has 2 commercial upgrades - Sidekiq Pro and Sidekiq Enterprise. They both come with email support, a commercial license and additional features. In later episodes we'll cover some of those features.

Up next, we'll go over installation and write a basic worker. See you soon!