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Josh Adams

I've been building web-based software for businesses for over 18 years. In the last four years I realized that functional programming was in fact amazing, and have been pretty eager since then to help people build software better.

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Daily Drip has easily been one of the most helpful resources on my journey to better understand Elixir and the Phoenix web framework.
Taylor Dolezal Software Architect
Taylor dolezal
With any language there are so many details to learn. What functions are built-in? How should I structure my code? What tools are available for improving my workflow? It’s rare to find one source that can answer so many of these questions, but DailyDrip does this and more for Elixir.
James Edward Gray II Developer
James edward gray
Daily Drip is by far the best resource for learning Elm anywhere, and among the very best online learning platforms, period.
Rex van der Spuy Author of 5 books on game development
Rex van der spuy

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React Changes, Docker OSS rebrands as Moby, and Weed NLP

React changes, a new name for Docker, and the data behind Cannabis.

Rate Limiting, ReactXP Announced, and criticism of Electron/Slack resource management

Rate limiting, ReactXP became open source, and resource management...

Apple commits to Pro users, Android beats Windows in internet usage, and VR’s new backbone is here.

For the first time ever, Android has beaten Windows and internet U...

2017.04.01 Ember had a big week, Next.js 2.0 is here, and 99 Bottles of OOP is ready to be on your reading list.

Catch up on the latest news about Ember, Next.js & the latest tech...

2017-03-25 Language Rankings, CSS Grid, Gitlab updates to 9.0

The Weekly Drip for this week covers some highlights from Language...