[001.1] 2017-03-25 Language Rankings, CSS Grid, Gitlab updates to 9.0

The Weekly Drip for this week covers some highlights from Language Rankings, what the new GitLab updates include, and everything you need to know about CSS Grid.

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2017-03-25 Language Rankings, CSS Grid, Gitlab updates to 9.0 [03.28.2017]


Most developers use Javascript, and think of themselves as full-stack, web developers. 72% of developers identify as working in a non-software industry. More than 25% of developers have 10 or more years of professional experience. Less than 8% of respondents identified themselves as female. For full results see the Stack Overflow survey, and if you just want a brief overview check out Quincy Larson’s summary.

A bi-annual rank of programming languages ranks the top five languages as JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, and C#. Javascript retained the top position while Python jumped up three spots in the ranking to third, pushing PHP to the fourth spot. The data was mined from from GitHub and Stack Overflow.

CSS Grid support is here, allowing you to define responsive column and grid lines easily with clean markup. This is the first time CSS has had an intentional layout system. Unfortunately, global support is only around 12%, so it will be a few months before this can be your sole web layout engine. Eric Meyer wrote a great guide on adding grids to an existing project on A List Apart.

Google is producing a new show, Designer vs. Developer, to help designers and developers understand their counterparts’ best practices. The first episode has Mustafa Kurtuldu, speaking to Jake Archibald about designers and developers taking an active role in product development -- not just being a cog in the machine. Mustafa also takes a quick look into ‘The 5 phases of a Design Sprint.

Angular 4.0.0 is now in general release. New features in Angular 4 include server side rendering, newer typescript support, smaller bundles and source maps. Skipping from 2.x to the 4.x series (instead of 2.5 or 3.0) is due to a shift to semantic versioning. The code is available on GitHub.

The asset pipeline is gone. Rails is embracing modern asset compilation via Yarn and Webpack. The webpacker gem is currently only included in Rails 5.1.0.beta1, which normally would suggest it’s too early to report on -- however, if a friend of mine failed to tell me the moment I could abandon the asset pipeline we would cease being friends. Samuel Mullen details the setup and use on the Pixelated blog. Note that you can use the new Wepack pipeline back to Rails 4.2.

The latest Gitlab update adds Subgroups, Deploy Boards, and continuous deployment. A year and a half after their previous major release, Gitlab moves to version 9.0. A popular alternative to GitHub, Gitlab is a toolchain to host, collaborate on, and deploy git repositories with a significant open source component. Gitlab 9.0 Announcement.

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