[053.1] *Intelligent* DEs, Code Under Change, and Developers are ….

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*Intelligent* DEs, Code Under Change, and Developers are …. [03.30.2018]


Maybe using a copyright protected language without asking first wasn’t a great idea. Google is likely going to owe Oracle a lot of money. An appeals court declared Google using Java for Android in 2009 was a violation of copyright law. Oracle is asking for about $9 billion in damages.

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Unity released all of the C# source code on the engine and editor. Check out the Unity C# reference source code. This was a major announcement made at GDC 2018. There was a lot of other cool stuff at GDC this year too, especially if you are an Epic Games (Fortnight creators) fan. Here’s a list of all the presentations.

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WebAssembly Studio, an IDE that runs in the browser and specifically targets WebAssembly as an output, is now in beta. Run it locally on your machine, or see it live at https://webassembly.studio/.

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While you’re reimagining what an IDE can be, you might want to check out Github Explorer, where Jane Street’s James Somers challenges developers to imagine an emacs-based IDE with advanced Git integration. James argues that a Github Explorer could help you get in and out of code review quickly, among many more things. This is an exposition of one of Jane Street’s internal tools that looks fantastic.

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Jessica Kerr wrote a great piece about code under change. She uses a mid-change system she’s working on as an example upon which she lays some wisdom: if you don’t understand the context of code, ask about it before you judge it. Similarly, if you do understand the context of a system that’s mid-change, appreciate that to a newcomer it can be extremely confusing.

What happens when you type ‘programmers are’ into Google? One redditor found the top results to be: [not engineers, easily scared, arrogant, lazy]. This sparked quite the conversation on reddit. Why does Google hate us?

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Per Harald Borgen explains ‘How to make responsiveness super simple with CSS Variables’. In his tutorial you will quickly get a simple webpage to be responsive by rearranging, moving and scaling with CSS Variables. The big takeaway is that CSS Variables allow you to change fundamentally reusable values based on the viewport size, which simplifies many tasks. Using this strategy will simplify your frontend life.

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Ionic released the alpha for a new OSS projected called Capacitor. It is essentially an alternative to Cordova, which seems reasonable. Some features of Capacitor include support for PWAs, a simple plugin model, and a standard library of native features. Top goals in the roadmap include improving support for Electron and Ionic Pro. Check out the the GitHub Repo, or read the full announcement.

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Who else would you rather get some tips on developing in Ruby than Mr. Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto? Matz and some other top Ruby pros give 10 key points of Ruby Development with the SideCI team. If you are interested in things like Ruby 3.0, JIT performance, Ruby’s competitors, or have just programmed in Ruby before, this will be a fun read.

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Robert O'Callahan is at it again, but this time he is speeding up ‘dwarfdump’. How you might ask? With Rust. Robert was able to reduce the dump time by 480 seconds. Robert credited Rust’s fearless parallelism as a huge help, as well as fixing a couple other smaller issues.

If you have had some headaches from managing side effects in Redux, you are not alone. Check out redux-commander, and worry no more about side effects and async actions in Redux. Scroll through the GitHub repo to see a simple and declarative syntax, which will help command your Redux headaches. It feels elm-y to me, which is my way of saying looks good. If you are tired of hearing Redux is overused, you hear a counter argument as well by a Redux maintainer on Mark’s Dev Blog.

Twitter Was Too Good

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