[003.1] Apple commits to Pro users, Android beats Windows in internet usage, and VR’s new backbone is here.

For the first time ever, Android has beaten Windows and internet Usage. VR has a new backbone, and Apple commits to Pro users.

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Apple commits to Pro users, Android beats Windows in internet usage, and VR’s new backbone is here. [04.08.2017]


Hackers have earned almost half a million dollars by finding vulnerabilities in MRuby via Shopify’s bug-bounty. Original payout was $20,000 for issues that compromised Shopify’s infrastructure, but all bounties dropped 90% after a large number of bugs were reported. A total of 131 bug reports have been submitted to date. Daniel Bovensiepen detailed the pros and cons of the bounty.

Brian Anderson, a core member of The Rust Team, knows a thing or two about maintaining OSS. Anderson said he doesn’t always follow his own guidelines, but presents tips on communication: 1. Respond quickly, 2. Give thanks, and 3. Pay a compliment. A quick response to a pull request, and a thank you afterwards will make some one who contributed to your project feel appreciated. If you are interested in being a ‘Minimally-nice Open Source Software Maintainer,’ take a look at the rest of his tips.

New iMacs are on track to ship this year, and immediate upgrades are coming to existing Mac Pros. Next-gen Mac Pros are on the way… Next year. Well, hopefully next year, according to John Gruber.

Jupyter Notebook has released version 5.0. New updates include the ability to sort files in the dashboard, cell tagging and a more appealing table style (new table style shown below). Also, customizing keyboard shortcuts is no longer a hassle, and you can easily update them in command mode. Read more about the release on Jupyter Notebook’s blog.

Idris has released version 1.0. The language is now stable. Primarily used in research, Idris is a functional programming language with dependent types. To learn more, read the documentation on Idris or go through a tutorial.

In the last five years, Windows dropped from 80% of the internet market usage, to 37.91%. In the same amount of time, Android has seen a climb from less than 5% to 37.93%. For the first time ever, Android beat out Windows in internet usage.

VR is in search of a backbone, and Matrix may be the answer. Matrix is used with the matrix-js-sdk to connect apps using WebVR on voip calls, video calls and instant messaging. You can see a video demo of the features or run the demo on your VR device. Also, take a look at the github repo used during the demo. Read more about Matrix and the latest demo by taking a look at Matthew Hodgson’s blog post.

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