[011.1] Apple Teaches Swift, Node 8.0, Fireflies capture everyone’s attention, and CS degrees are rare.

Free Swift book, Node releases new version, Fireflies and CS degrees.

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Apple Teaches Swift, Node 8.0, Fireflies capture everyone’s attention, and CS degrees are rare. [06.02.2017]


Swift Book Cover

Apple released a 900 page book on Swift. Targeted at beginning programmers, App Development with Swift walks one through everything they need to know to get started with the great Swift programming language. The book includes video tutorials and has strong early reviews.

iOS GUI screenshot

Neural Networks are generating code from screenshots of the UI you want. Pix2Code is a paper showing the state of the art in converting an image of a User Interface into working code. They use 3 Neural Networks to infer the meaning of the image. No code is yet provided by the author.

Node.js released version 8.0. Featuring async_hooks, zero-filling buffers, and major improvements for debugging. The Node.js API is now available behind a flag, which will lead to a future in which native modules don’t break with each release. Read the announcement on medium or on their blog post.


Nicky Case made an interactive tribute to Fireflies. Scroll through the project to learn more about how fireflies coordinate with each other. This was a hit on hackernews and don’t forget to look at the source code to see how she did it.

Graph showing US Bachelor's degrees, growth by field of study

Dan Wang has 11 reasons why people aren’t majoring in Computer Science. The first being, Computer Science is hard. The author buries the lead that most CS degrees are out of date before you start them, let alone when you graduate. Other top reasons include not needing a CS degree to be a developer, and people not being market-driven when considering a major in college.

Development Dregs

Dive Deeper - WebAssembly

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