[078.1] cat /dev/news: impossible programs, Linus vacations, BIG TECH COLLUSION!

This was a busy week for dev news, so we are trying a different format. More link dump + snark, less formal write ups.

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cat /dev/news: impossible programs, Linus vacations, BIG TECH COLLUSION! [09.22.2018]

Build impossible programs -- I just love Julia Evans’ blog, and this article on taking time to solve hard problems in code is a great one. Don’t miss the included video, and her unique ‘floor focused’ speaking style.

Linus takes a break && Orange Site && TwitterPC threads. Linus takes a break from Linux for personal development. a CoC is introduced to kernel development. There’s also an intellectually dishonest article from The New Yorker.

Silicon Valley's most celebrated CEOs conspired to drive down 100,000 tech engineers' wages - Everyone knew this, and combined with the US H-1B Visa market manipulation this drives down developer salaries. Real changes are needed--but not on the horizon.

Software disenchantment - Why are slow, complex projects written in bad languages the norm? Have we collectively lost our sense of pride?

The “Developer Experience” Bait-and-Switch - Javascript is overused, and that has real consequences. The Orange Site discussion is much less salty than I expected.

‘Impostor syndrome’ affects almost 58% of tech professionals && Blue Site - the trick is to achieve a such a high level of impostor syndrome that you no longer consider yourself a “tech professional.”

How to write a status page update - Writing a status page can be tricky. This is really solid advice, and it’s useful to consider phrasing things this way when reporting up the chain as well. It’s too easy to be passive - this is about more than just writing, it’s about taking ownership of communication of errors.


JS, now with fewer () && Basic JS - Not just for n00bz, I learned something from both of these

Introducing Squabble, Simple Leadership Election - Easily elect a leader in an Elixir cluster using Raft under the hood.

Spades - Start an Elm SPA ready to the real world - This is a nice starting point but I don’t love the NoMap parent-child messaging style. My life got simpler when I stopped forcing that sort of thing.

Next.js 7 && Orange Site - As good a time as any to try a new React framework :)

Firefox Reality - Firefox Reality is a reality. A totally new browser built for VR and AR.

Phoenix’s LiveView: Client-Side Elixir At Last? - Check out Chris’s keynote on LiveView, an upcoming Phoenix library that stores state in a channel and provides vdom-less diffing for realtime, reactive apps without a client-side framework.

Hands On With Linkerd 2.0 - “Linkerd gives you instant Grafana dashboards and CLI debugging tools for any Kubernetes service.”

What if k8s WAS boring - we’ve mentioned Pulumi before, and it’s gaining features and polish.

On the death of Inbox and life of Open Source but does OSS lead to success?

The danger of target=_blank and opener - A nice discussion of a phishing attack made possible by links with target=_blank.

Time for Chaos - EU to stop daylight savings time, members to randomly choose their own adventure. Software developers cry. [related xkcd and support XKCD!]

Twitter threads on employee flexibility, pooping, remote development, and relocating for a job forcing you to abandon your community.

Minimal Coding with Spacemacs and Olivetti - distraction-free code

XML, blockchains, and the strange shapes of progress && Orange Site

Towards Natural Language Semantic Code Search && Orange Site - really nice explanation of how GitHub built semantic code search.

Mind your own business View Controller -  A talk discussing alternative architectures to MVC.

AWS Amplify Feature - Full GraphQL codegen for queries

React Native FAQ - if you have questions about React Native, and they’re also Frequently Asked, this is relevant.

NewSQL database systems are failing to guarantee consistency, and I blame Spanner && Orange Site - Grow out your neck beards for this one, it’s a pretty hairy discussion of DB consistency strategies.

Falling in love with Rust - error handling, macros, format!, include_str!, Serde, tuples, testing, community, performance.

Restart any iOS device with just CSS - 3485 divs and some CSS can be pretty powerful.

https://beesbuzz.biz/blog/2535-ActivityPub-hot-take - an argument that RSS/Atom give us everything useful from ActivityPub, more easily.

Surfing the Internet with a VT100, via an acoustic coupler at 300 bauds and an old Swiss Zellweger phone in bakelite from 1934. - I used one of these with OS/2 once to fuel my introversion and it was great.