[016.1] Data Structures, Old Programmers, Better Programmers, and Google Docs hacks

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Data Structures, Old Programmers, Better Programmers, and Google Docs hacks [07.07.2017]


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Beau Carnes of FreeCodeCamp made 10 free videos on common data structures. Beau also included a short explanation and a link to some challenges on each data structure. Take a look at all of the videos on this youtube playlist or read the article on medium.

Josh On Design gives Five Reasons Why You Should Hire an Old Programmer. Reasons include experience (duh), communication skills, knowledge and judgement. [Commentary: We have an ageism problem in the dev world, especially with startups. If you’re expecting your development team to work >45 hours a week you’re doing it wrong -- and older devs know that! We have to stop seeing devs over the age of 30 as less desirable and outright rejecting those over the age of 40. It’s toxic and we lose many of our best minds that way.]

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Brian Steffens made a virtual machine in Google Sheets. Brian noticed some pretty nifty features of Google Docs Apps Script like running code in response to events and making a custom google sheets spreadsheet with functions for formulas. So, he decided to make a Google Sheets Virtual Machine that generated fibonacci numbers! There’s also an in-depth Code&Supply talk on doing interesting things with Google Docs.

Check out this Ask Orange Website thread on what habits make a great programmer. Top answers include staying healthy, better research tips, and continual education. Also check out Adam’s post on the same subject on the DailyDrip blog.

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Next time you need a break at work try out a block-breaking game in vim 8.0. VimGameCodeBreak is a new vim-plugin game written by John Grib. If you still need more entertainment take a look at one of his other vim-plugin games, VimGameSnake.

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