[007.1] deck.gl, music sequencing, an Intel chipset vulnerability, and more.

deck.gl, a new music sequencer, and an Intel chipset vulnerability.

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deck.gl, music sequencing, an Intel chipset vulnerability, and more. [05.06.2017]


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Uber open sourced deck.gl, a WebGL framework for large datasets. Features include a layered approach to data visualisation, high-precision computations in the GPU, and React integration. Take a look at the source code or see an example.

Helio Workstation is a new open source music sequencer that is compatible with all major platforms on desktop and mobile. Helio Workstation features include a high-performance core (written in C++), clean interface, and version control. Watch a demo of Helio Workstation or take a look at the source code.

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Sizzy, a tool to help develop responsive websites, is now live. Sizzy allows you to view a website in multiple screen sizes at the same time. Simply type a URL into the input box on Sizzy’s home page, and you’re good to go. Checkout the source code or try this example.

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Introducing the Ultimate Android Reference. It bills itself as Your Road To Become a Better Android Developer. The project aims to showcase well-tested resources that will help Android developers; there’s a lot of resources of questionable quality out there, so some curation is appreciated. Take a look at the Github repo to learn more.

A security exploit was discovered in intel platforms created since 2008. Intel’s advisory said, An unprivileged local attacker could provision manageability features gaining unprivileged network or local system privileges. It only affects you if you have Active Management Technology enabled, so they say most consumers are unaffected. Still, it’s a big deal. Read the full advisory or the writeup on Hackaday.

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