[042.1] Elixir Survey, Why security is difficult, Browser Wars Story time, Quantum computing in 2018

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Elixir Survey, Why security is difficult, Browser Wars Story time, Quantum computing in 2018 [01.12.2018]

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Each year since 2014 I have surveyed the Elixir community about its use of the language and the makeup of the community. You can see the results for 2016 here. If you use Elixir, are thinking about using Elixir, hate Elixir, or have never heard of Elixir but somehow landed on this page, I'd love it if you would click here to fill out the survey. Thanks so much!

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The start of 2018 has brought some scary reminders that security is important. David Gilbertson, with security heavy on his heart, decided to tell the world how he has been harvesting credit card numbers, usernames and passwords from websites. David argues that even if you notice the network requests or read all the minified source of all code in node_modules you are still at risk! At the end of the post Gilbertson states the post is fictional, but plausible and hopes to educate developers on web security.

Robert O’Callahan just published four posts from 2007 in light of the emergence of Webkit at a time when the fight for browser dominance involved only Firefox, IE, and Opera. It’s compelling to read through what an opinionated developer went through during the second wave of the great browser wars.

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Nora Sandler deeps dives on writing your own C compiler in an ongoing series. This is a great intro not only to C, but how to write a compiler in general. Don’t be scared off by the complexity of the subject, as Nora does a wonderful job of making a complex problem approachable. Check out parts One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.

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It’s a brave new world for Quantum computing, and 2018 looks to be a year of good growth with systems of 50+ general-purpose qubits being obtained. China is making large investments in QC, but little to no news about their progress is being shared. Experts agree that a commercially deployable quantum computer with thousands of logical qubits is over a decade away. Maybe we’ll get Quantum computing and fusion in the same year.

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If you want to become a web developer check out the Web Developer Roadmap for 2018. Whether you want to specialize in Front-end, Back-end, or DevOps this roadmap will help you visualize where you need to get started.

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