[057.1] Explosions, Testing Antipatterns, Job Interviews, Backwards Compatibility.

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Explosions, Testing Antipatterns, Job Interviews, Backwards Compatibility. [04.27.2018]


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Been running into to issues with Active Record? Ryan Bigg has a solution, Explode Rails. Watch his talk on Exploding Rails, read his book or look at his series of tweets. Ryan dives into alternate ways to tackle issues within Rails applications and might be able to help you with that big rails app you have.

Can you write a solid piece of performance profiling content on Python or Ruby? We’d love to work with you. If you are an expert with Python or Ruby, specifically around performance profiling, give support@dailydrip.com a ring! If you have read to this point and are still interested, just go ahead and email us. :)

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Kostis Kapelonis gifted the world a 9,000+ word post on Software Testing Anti-patterns. 13 anti-patterns are detailed in depth, very thoughtfully. The most pervasive/bad of them in my opinion are integration tests without unit tests, testing internal implementation, paying excessive attention to test coverage, and (it pains me to say) treating TDD as a religion.

He ends by pointing out that If [your team is guilty of these anti-patterns], then you are simply testing in the wrong way and no amount of tests will make your application better.

Malte Ubl talks about his experience of building large JS apps, and some issues he has with React and Preact. Also, you can watch the talk this article is based on at CSSConf Australia.

Being a developer isn’t all about the code. Well, maybe it is. However, for those moments when you think its not take a look at these solid reminders. 1. Stretch and do other things to avoid Carpal Tunnel with Keyboard Gym. 2. Fire Bad Clients. 3. Learn to recognize Burnout. Who am I kidding? It’s all about the code. Checkout this new cool JavaScript Framework. Just kidding! Take care of yourself and have a good weekend. ❤️💛💚💙💜

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Netflix open sourced Titus. Titus is the container management platform Netflix uses. It only supports AWS, so meh. However, it's still cool that Titus is now OSS, read more about it on the Netflix Tech Blog.

J. Scott Johnson’s piece ‘Ten Things I Learned from a Job Hunt for a Senior Engineering Role’ led him to think No one believes that anyone can actually code. Check out his other tips and see ‘The latest trend for tech interviews: Days of unpaid homework’. There is an enormous Orange Site discussion on the latter.

Rust has united programmers that specialize in Ruby, JavaScript and C++. Jonathan Turner details what makes the the Rust community thrive, and how Rust makes decisions moving forward. It’s pretty neat that the core rust team is only made up of 10 people. Also, a neat tidbit from the article, Each Rust release since 1.0 has maintained backwards compatibility with all previous releases. How many other languages can say that? Let’s see how long it stays that way.

Ready to read a blog post about Hackathons, TDD, Game Dev, Erlang and at least four more things? Take a seat, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this delight of a piece ‘Erlang Serpents’ by Brujo Benavides. Brujo shows how Erlang Solutions built serpents, and what he learned along the way. While you’re in Erlang mode, you can check out this post on the Erlang compiler’s frontend.

Dregs - too many happenings edition

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