[029.1] Facebook reliscenses GraphQL/React, Lyft uses Typescript, and Hacking your coding interviews

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Facebook reliscenses GraphQL/React, Lyft uses Typescript, and Hacking your coding interviews [09.29.2017]


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Facebook finally came around and relicensed React under the MIT license. They also relicensed the GraphQL specification, and they released React version 16. They also published a big writeup talking through their rewrite for version 16. Big stuff.

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October is just around the corner, which means Hacktoberfest is here! Digital Ocean has partnered with GitHub to celebrate OSS with Hacktoberfest all month long. The premise is simple: submit four open source contributions on GitHub, and get a free limited-edition T-Shirt. Read more about Hacktoberfest 2017. DailyDrip and Inside Dev are organizing a hackathon weekend to help people get their Hacktoberfest on, sign up and we’ll code something awesome together.

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Yahoo (Oath now, I guess) released Vespa - their open-source Big Data Processing Engine. Vespa will make it easy for anyone to build applications that can **compute responses to user requests, over large datasets, at real time and at internet scale.** Think of it a bit like a real-time Hadoop, from the people who gave us Hadoop in the first place. Yahoo uses it to power their search, recommendation, personalization, and ad products across a ton of properties.

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Lyft wrote up an excellent explanation for they they use TypeScript. Large JavaScript programs need types or they become unmaintainable. A good typesystem can completely remove classes of bugs like undefined is not a function from your codebase, and help you find bugs at compile-time rather than runtime. Refactoring also becomes easy, which is basically never the case with vanilla JS. They also point out that TypeScript plays with React at least as nicely as Flow does. TypeScript and Elm are great directions for the web to move, love seeing some of the bigger engineering groups pick them up and help proselytize!

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Yangshun Tay published a complete Technical and non-technical guide for rocking your coding interview on GitHub. It includes interview formats for some of the larger dev groups, techniques to prepare for an interview, lots of sample questions and answers and a deep dive into behavioral and tricks often used in tech interviews. A really great resource for hacking an interview.

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