[037.1] Generative Adversarial Networks, Django 2.0, CSS Grids, and Spider Monkey optimizations

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Generative Adversarial Networks, Django 2.0, CSS Grids, and Spider Monkey optimizations [12.08.2017]


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Pranoy Radhakrishnan says that if Deep Learning is Software 2.0, then Generative Adversarial Networks are Photoshop 2.0. Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) can be used to map a semantic map of an image to a photorealistic synthesized image. Think a much nicer version of the classic Children’s Drawings Painted Realistically. If the introductory article piques your interest, you should read the paper, High-Resolution Image Synthesis and Semantic Manipulation with Conditional GANs. To see how it’s implemented, check out the code.

Django 2.0 is here. New features include a simplified URL routing syntax, mobile-friendly contrib.admin, and window expressions. Read all the new features and changes on the Django 2.0 release notes. Did you click that link? If you did make sure and checkout the next story below. :)

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It’s finally time to start implementing CSS Grids in your applications. Virtually everyone supports it except for older IEs. Per Harald Borgen on FreeCodeCamp explores how to quickly prototype websites with CSS Grid. This is a wonderful guide that explores the basics of CSS Grids without ceremony. Includes code, pictures, and great examples. I can’t wait to abandon CSS frameworks for layout!

Jandem writes in detail about SpiderMonkey optimizations in FF Quantum. Check out optimizations made for shift/unshift. Regular expressions, and inline caches. Also, if you aren’t familiar you can read more about Mozilla’s JavaScript engine, SpiderMonkey.

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