[008.1] GPL Ruled Enforceable, New MS Design System, and Stack Overflow Trends

GPL Ruled Enforceable, New Microsoft Design System, and Stack Overflow Trends.

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GPL Ruled Enforceable, New MS Design System, and Stack Overflow Trends [05.12.2017]


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Stack Overflow Trends is a new tool to track interest in programming languages. Developers ask 8,000 questions a day on average, so Stack Overflow Trends can help sort through what technologies are most popular. You can also compare technologies popularity based on the amount of questions asked about it with the new tool. Read more about the tool on Stack Overflow’s blog or try out the tool.

US District court rules GPL an enforceable contract. Hancom Office included Ghostscript, a PDF interpreter by Artifex in their suite. They did not open source their software or pay Artifex a license fee for the interpreter. Judge Corley ruled that by using the software they had agreed to the GPL.

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Microsoft Fluent Design System announced as the new Windows look and feel. The new design system will be leveraged across all platforms. The transition to MFDS will not happen immediately. The first elements will come with the fall Creators Update with the rest rolling out after that. The design system proposes five interactive pillars -- light, depth, motion, material, and scale -- that are both minimalistic and draw the user’s attention to the proper element at the proper time.

Google open-sourced SyntaxNet. SyntaxNet is self-proclaimed as the world’s most accurate syntactic parser. The tool is a neural network framework that lays a foundation for Natural Language Understanding. Read more about SyntaxNet or take a look at the source code.

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MapD open-sourced its GPU-powered database. MapD allows a single server with multiple GPUs to perform sub-second queries across billions of records. Along with the database, MapD visualisation libraries were also open-sourced. Take a look at one of the more popular visualization libraries dc.js or go chat it up on the new MapD community forum.

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