[079.1] 💵💵 Java 11 - now with license fees 💵💵; Neckbeard wisdom; CA makes empty promise on IoT security

Java 11 license changes, Two discussions of retained developer wisdom, CA passes more useless laws, Dropbox drops the mic after a major Python 3 migration.

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💵💵 Java 11 - now with license fees 💵💵; Neckbeard wisdom; CA makes empty promise on IoT security [09.29.2018]

Any production use of the Oracle JDK will result in hefty license fees. Make sure you use an OpenJDK build. Java 11 launched this week. Stephen Colebourne brought attention to  Oracle's Java 11 trap, and discusses the new license limitations and workarounds. The Orange Site discussion is properly salty. Do you think MySQL is next?

Notes to myself on software engineering - Some of the notes: Code isn’t just meant to be executed. Taste applies to code, too. It’s okay to say no . Invest in continuous integration and aim for full unit test coverage.

What are some things that only someone who has been programming 20-50 years would know? Nice answers, but this time the orange site discussion is a must-read. Lots of wisdom on one page, that. The blue site also has thoughts, just as you expected.

California virtue signals towards connected device security, passing the nation’s first IoT security bill. The problem is the bill uses vague terms and has almost no way to be feasibly implemented by the market, and shows that its authors have little to no understanding of IT security. No one is willing to touch software liability, arguably the real issue, especially in tech heavy California.

SQL is neither dead nor a dinosaur. You should use it for your web app. When you say “schemaless” I hear “I can’t be assed to figure out the shape of my data.”

Marzipan - on Apple’s framework for porting iOS Apps to the Mac.

Also note that Apple rejects an app update for referencing ‘theoretical new iPhones’ that have been announced on stage by their own CEO. Go figure.

Why we want pattern matching in JavaScript. Awesome! It still doesn't fix that whole being a prototypical language problem.

Learn how John C. Dvorak got fired from PC Magazine via email after criticizing 5G. Bonus insight into tech advertising and publication. I’m a huge fan of John C. Dvorak. Even columns that prove very wrong promote interesting discussions. I read his columns as a child and it stoked interest in computing for me. The orange site discussion focuses primarily on how to view your relationship with your employer.

Nim: a programming language underdog - I like rooting for underdog

languages, because I feel like we learn a lot from the edges of the development community.

Nand to CPU - Nand to Tetris, but with a custom python-based HDL.

The Linux CoC and Killswitch fight still rages, despite a reasoned call for peace. Linus was interviewed by the BBC where he made strong statements about both sides of the debate.

Google provides an inside look at a modern web browser’s compositing layer

Zoho's domain registrar blacklisted their domain, affecting millions of users. ”The shutdown was done by an automatic algorithm in response to phishing complaints against Zoho.” Kinda makes you wonder what dependencies you forgot about, huh? Check out the conversation on the orange site, where the Zoho CEO responds to a lot of questions.

Manyverse is a new open-sourcesecure-scuttlebutt [[React Native]] application for off-grid social networking.  

Announcing Hyperswarm - The Beaker Browser team (a recent Spotlight!) is releasing a new DHT-based toolset for connecting peers called Hyperswarm. Kademlia DHTs and NAT hole punching, in a simple node library.

Skip: A programming language to skip the things you have already computed - Facebook just open sourced a research programming language focused on “correct, efficient memoization-based caching and cache invalidation.”

If you were looking for a basic introduction to websockets in Node.js, here you go. But be warned, Casper Beyer argues that The Node.js Ecosystem Is Chaotic and Insecure.

Semaphore Uncut: A First Look at Semaphore 2.0 - I’m including this solely because Semaphore is my favorite hosted CI environment and I am very eager for 2.0 to be released.

What’s the difference between an integer and a pointer? - get your compiler geek on.

How Dropbox rolled out one of the largest Python 3 migrations ever - you had me at type annotations.

How Microsoft rewrote its C# compiler in C# and made it open source - MS is really impressing me with their about-face on open source. Between this, and work in projects like Visual Studio Code they have been making substantial contributions to the Open Source world.

Go Microsoft.