[031.1] Neural nets colorize B&W photos, MDN docs go cross browser, & iFrames get easier

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Neural nets colorize B&W photos, MDN docs go cross browser, & iFrames get easier [10.20.2017]


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The most impressive story this week comes from Emil Wallner, who shows how to use Neural Networks to colorize black and white photographs. Also check out the original post where a user used a similar bot to troll a colorization subreddit -- very cool work. I wonder what would happen if you only trained the NN with HDR images? Related, and also cool is this Perceptually uniform color spaces, just to scratch your programmatic color theory itch.

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Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and the W3C are collaborating to make the MDN web docs fully cross browser. MDN easily has the best html/css/js documentation on the net, and with this new partnership they are hoping to make it accurate for all the big browsers. A Product Advisory Board has been formed to guide the partnership.

Have you ever thought the ‘top talent’ on your team could be holding a project back? You are not alone. Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton tells a story about how firing the top talent on his team was the best decision they ever made. Make sure to read the whole article, and the 🔥🔥 mixed opinions🔥🔥 in the comments. Also, read Tony Robinson’s response, and the conversation about his response on the orange website.

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Having trouble understanding Modern Javascript? You are not alone. Luckily, Peter Jang has explanation of Modern Javascript that even a Dinosaur can understand. Read the article and learn about using a package manager, transpiling code for new language features, and using a task runner.

PayPal introduced a new open source suite to make cross-domain iframes and requests easier. The tools in the suite include grumbler, post-robot, xcomponent & more. Take a look at the whole suite. Great for all your ifame needs, can’t wait to try this one!

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