[012.1] R analysis of HN trends, WWDC, and TempleOS gets a Gameboy Emulator

R analysis of trending words in HackerNews post titles, WWDC, and TempleOS gets a Gameboy Emulator

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R analysis of HN trends, WWDC, and TempleOS gets a Gameboy Emulator [06.09.2017]


Graph showing trending words on HN

David Robinson used R to analyze the last 1 million hacker news posts. His objective was to find the most common words used in titles and the way they changed over time. He found that hn was used most, and “google” was used second most. Other words in the top 10 included data, app, web, startup and video. Take a look at all of his results.

OSS Graph

GitHub’s Open Source Survey results were released this week. The goal of the survey was to get data on OSS practices and communities. With over 5,500 responses, everyone highly values good documentation. What a surprise. 93% of respondents said incomplete or outdated documentation is often a problem. Still, *nearly 60% said they don’t contribute to documentation. *

image alt text

Ozan Onay lays out a very compelling case for avoiding hype in technological decisions - You Are Not Google! Among his points: Amazon didn’t switch to Service-Oriented Architecture until they had around 7,800 employees and over $3.1B in sales. His framework for deciding what technologies to use: Understand the problem; Enumerate multiple candidate solutions; Read a paper; Identify the historical context behind a candidate; Weigh advantages against disadvantages; and Think!

GIF showing emulator demo

Alec Murphy made a Game Boy emulator for TempleOS. The emulator is a WIP, but it is an impressive/funny accomplishment -- no matter your feelings on TempleOS and its creator.

Development Dregs

Dive Deeper - WWDC

Conference Videos

There were two great conferences this week that are dear to our hearts:

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