[006.1] RailsConf, Web Dev Roadmap, Stanford teaches JS over Java

RailsConf, Roadmap for Web Dev, Stanford picks JS over Java.

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RailsConf, Web Dev Roadmap, Stanford teaches JS over Java [04.28.2017]


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RailsConf was this week, and Rails 5.1 was pushed. The new version of Rails includes yarn/webpack, system tests, easier integration testing, and encrypted secrets. You can catch up on the talks on youtube with the streams from Wednesday and Thursday. See the full schedule here.

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freeCodeCamp put together a crazy roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2017. It details many skills and the order in which to learn them. There are so many moving parts in modern web development, it can be very overwhelming to figure out where to start.

At Stanford CS department, Java is out, and Javascript is in. A recent poll of SIGCSE-Members shows Java is currently used 84 times in intro CS classes, which leads all other languages. Python is used second most, and C++ is third. Read more about the transition or take a look at the full results of the poll.

Image of Postal in action

Postal is a new open source mail server tool that competes with Sendgrid, Mailgun, and Postmark. Since it is OSS, Postal is ready to run on your own servers. It handles both incoming and outgoing emails, provides web hooks for them, and handles spam filtering. Check out all the features on their wiki.

Python doesn't have to be slow. Using Async Python plus Redis can be a very powerful system for rendering pages quickly. Paxos built a library called subconscious that provides database-like features on top of an in-memory redis store. The Python uvloop package is a fantastic tool to deal with async io in Python - at least 2x faster than gevent or node’s event loop. It turns out that storing and retrieving from RAM is fast -- who knew?

image of React Sketchapp in action

AirBnb open sourced their new design tool react-sketchapp. react-sketchapp bridges the gap between engineers and designers by using React components to render Sketch documents. Jon Gold describes the new tool as ‘Painting with Code.’ Read more about it on AirBnb’s blog or see it action on the react-sketchapp github repo.

A bug in GCC could cause memory leaks in C++ programs. The bug is potentially harmful in GCC 4, 5, and 6. The bug has been detailed on Andrzej’s C++ blog. Read the bug report or watch an example of how the bug works.

The Crystal core-team is hosting an in-depth Codecamp in San Francisco May 11-12. They are covering the basics of the language, concurrency, and more advanced issues like compilers and web frameworks. Check out the basics of Crystal Lang, a Ruby-inspired typechecked systems programming language.

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