[004.1] Rate Limiting, ReactXP Announced, and criticism of Electron/Slack resource management

Rate limiting, ReactXP became open source, and resource management via Electron apps were criticized.

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Rate Limiting, ReactXP Announced, and criticism of Electron/Slack resource management [04.14.2017]


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In An Alternative Approach to Rate Limiting Nikrad Mahdi considers three different existing rate limiting algorithms -- Token Bucket, Fixed Window Counters, and Sliding Window Log -- before settling on combining the last two to create his custom Sliding Window Counters approach. It’s a case study on a practical solution to a real spam problem.

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ReactXP is now open source. ReactXP builds on popular React frameworks to offer cross-platform apps for web, Android, iOS, and Windows. Read more about the future and history of ReactXP on their blog, and watch React Native Training’s first look at ReactXP on Youtube. Also, React released version 15.5.0.

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Is Electron the new flash? Electron is a toolkit that allows you to build cross platform applications in html/css/js. Slack, an electron app, takes up 160 megs on the desktop, rather large for a text-chat service in 2017. Joseph Gentle says that even when slack is idle, it is often at 5% CPU usage. Dave Cheney chimes in with more criticism of Slack, calling it detrimental to open source projects.

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Freenode has officially become part of PIA (Private Internet Access). Freenode has been supported by PIA for the last couple years, but on April 12, Freenode announced they will become part of the PIA family. Freenode has provided services to open source software and other projects for the last 18 years. Freenode will continue to operate as a non-profit, though will now be legally owned by PIA. PIA is a VPN service that provides privacy protection by giving you an anonymous IP.

Prettier is a javascript source code beautifier that uses your code’s AST to provide features that other beautifiers can’t. Prettier has released version 1.0 and has over 100,000 npm downloads monthly. Check out the announcement for Prettier 1.0 and watch it in action.

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Intel Labs has open sourced the Haskell Research Compiler. Haskell is a functional programming language that is statically typed and purely functional. You can read more about the Haskell Research Compiler or learn about how it fits in ‘The Functional Language Research Compiler’ by looking at it’s documentation. Intel Labs is not actively working on this project at the moment.

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Vitaly Slobodin has stepped down from maintaining PhantomJS. Slobodin tweeted an update that PhantomJS 2.5 will not be released and announced he does not see a future for PhantomJS. You can read the announcement. He cites the announcement of Chrome’s Headless Mode as a inevitable replacement to PhantomJS.

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