[027.1] RIP open web, Calculate Your Dev Salary, VIM users make more $$$

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RIP open web, Calculate Your Dev Salary, VIM users make more $$$ [09.22.2017]


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The W3C published their recommendation for Encrypted Media Extensions. Implementing EME requires browser implementers to include a proprietary component into their browsers. This is what is known in the lingo as breaking the freaking open web. As a result of this recommendation being published, the EFF has now resigned from the W3C. This comes after the EFF filed the first ever formal appeal against this recommendation.

The W3C was supposed to be about consensus and compromise. Technically, 58% is a majority, but historically all measures have been passed with more full consensus. In reality, this is what it looks like when media conglomerates force a big lock onto a formally open system so they can sell you more animated videos.

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Have you ever wondered how much money you should be making at your job? Great news! Stack Overflow has a tool to tell you precisely how much you should be making based on your years of experience, education level, and location. Tech Crunch wrote all about it, and you can go test out the tool yourself to make sure your salary is up to par.

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You might should switch VIM or Pycharm if you are about to take a technical interview. According to Triplebytes data, developers using these one of these two editors have a much higher pass rate of technical quizzes than developers using other editors. Developers that used eclipse had the least success.

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CoffeeScript 2 was announced this week to mixed fanfare. Everyone is impressed by an almost-dead project getting picked up and a major version released, a big win for Open Source. The ongoing debate between straight ES6 and pre-processors continues on the orange site, with many developers impressed by the new offerings, but not enough to move from ES6. This could be a big boon for the Ember community, where CoffeeScript has a much higher adoption rate. CoffeeScript helped move the needle on JavaScript getting better. I’m happy it’s moving forward - maybe it can continue the trend. I’m still not thrilled with the state of it.

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Swift released version 4.0. The release has some major updates including improved stability and new features like archival and serialization while providing compatibility with Swift 3. See all the new updates in Swift 4.0 on the Swift blog.

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