[054.1] Rogue Packages, Rust Week, & A Guide to the Unexpected!

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Rogue Packages, Rust Week, & A Guide to the Unexpected! [04.06.2018]


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Rogue packages are a danger to anyone using JavaScript projects such as Webpack and Babel. Casper Beyer argues that developers shouldn’t just trust package managers, but consider other possibilities instead of relying on trivial packages such as an is-true or is-even package. Using tons of packages to do trivial things creates a large surface area that could be exploited by rogue package maintainers in the future.

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Is your system prepared to deal with the unexpected? Fred Hebert discusses how to make a system which deals with fault tolerance with Elixir. Fred’s talk, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Unexpected, was given at ElixirDaze and CodeBEAMSF, and you can watch it on Youtube.

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Netflix announced its newly released Open Source project, FlameScope. FlameScope aims to provide performance visualization insights such as analyzing variance and perturbations via a flame graph. The full announcement covers what a flame graph is with plenty of examples and gives you all the steps to get started. It also covers running FlameScope locally, so you can start monitoring your CPU’s performance visually. Check out the code on GitHub or watch a video of FlameScope in action.

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If you would like to develop, test, and deploy your code from one spot, Fly Edge Apps is for you. Fly.io announced the release of Edge Apps, which are particularly good at optimizing images, remixing content, and not being a CDN. Edge Apps also help pre-render React apps, and can be set up with existing React apps easily (12 lines of code or less easy).

Been hearing about PWAs, but haven’t heard enough to learn about them yet? Maximiliano Firtman has you covered. Maximiliano covers some history of the PWA, and he hypes some news Apple silently slipped into its latest iOS update: PWAs are on iOS. Maximiliano also covers the differences between PWAs on Android and iOS along with other PWA limitations.

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Adnan Ahmed made a 24 step roadmap for modern Backend developers. Adnan notes this roadmap has more direction than the typical one that just has a list of technologies. If you are a true beginner, start at step one obviously. However, even if you have been involved in BE for a while, this might serve as a good way to judge your strengths and weaknesses.

Will Crichton argues that ‘program models transition over time’ and titles this process ‘Gradual Programming’. Will discusses which problems will impact the next generation of programmers the most and the current failings of languages used in research. Dive into the piece ‘Gradual Programming’, and then follow it up with some juicy orange site discussion on the topic.


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