[010.1] Stack Overflow uses Machine Learning to make better job postings, GitHub Marketplace, and One Million developers are stuck in Vim

Stack Overflow is on top of the news again, GitHub Marketplace is live, and a lot of people have had trouble exiting Vim.

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Stack Overflow uses Machine Learning to make better job postings, GitHub Marketplace, and One Million developers are stuck in Vim [05.26.2017]


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Stack Overflow steals the top spot again with their deep dive on Machine Learning and the R language for making better job posting recommendations. Through a series of iterations, Aurélien Gasser walks us through the disappointing release and iterations that lead to massive success for their job recommendation engine.

GitHub Marketplace, a new way to discover dev tools, is live. More than a dozen apps have already been integrated to GitHub Marketplace including Travis Cl, Waffle, and Zenhub. GitHub also introduced the GitHub GraphQL API. Read more about these updates on GitHub’s blog.

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One million developers have checked Stack Overflow for help with exiting Vim. In honor of the milestone, Stack Overflow showed some data behind the question. Developers in Ukraine have had the most trouble exiting Vim, making up almost 7% of the total visits to the original question (How to exit the Vim editor?).

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Unreal Engine released version 4.16. Some of the updates include new animation features, significant performance improvements, and a lot of quality enhancements. Unreal Engine announced support for the Nintendo Switch, and 160 other improvements with the new version. Read the full announcement.

IBM, Google, and Lyft team up to launch Istio, a platform for microservice management. Istio’s features include intelligent routing, load balancing, cross-platform resilience, and in-depth telemetry. Read more on IBM’s blog or Istio’s home page.

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Microsoft introduced a new programming language, P. The language was developed to address the challenges of asynchronous computation, while providing fault-tolerance. The P programming model is based on concurrently executing state machines communicating via events, with each event accompanied by a typed payload value. Read more about P on Microsoft's blog, practice with the P manual, or look through the source code.

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Twilio Functions, a serverless environment to build and run applications, is now in Public Beta. Now you can use Twilio without messing with servers. The first 10,000 invocations are free, and after that each cost $0.0001. Read more on Twilio’s blog.

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