[014.1] Tabs vs. Spaces redux; Interviews are terrible; OSS deep-learning data

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Tabs vs. Spaces redux; Interviews are terrible; OSS deep-learning data [06.23.2017]

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Last week you stopped using tabs because Stack Overflow said you wouldn’t make as much money. Turns out this was not exactly true: correlation does not imply causation. Thanks for the detailed data science analysis by Evelina Gabasova that gave some more insight to the Tabs vs. Spaces data. Evelina found that Open Source contributors make more money than those who don’t contribute to OSS, and that was a significant cause of the disparity as OSS devs prefer spaces over tabs. Additionally, she found that developers who use git make more money at all levels of experience.

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DeepMind put together a list of massive Open Source datasets. The first open source database mentioned is Kinetics, ‘A large-scale, high-quality dataset of URL links to approximately 300,000 video clips that covers 400 human action classes.’ Other datasets include DSprites, Collectible Card Game to Code, and Unsupervised Data Generated for GeoQuery and SAIL. Take a look at all of the Datasets.

The GCC Steering Committee has decided to include the D Language in GCC and has appointed a maintainer. The patch must still acquire approval from a global reviewer. However, David Edelson made the announcement on Wednesday that it would happen.

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Jose Aguinaga asked the question ‘What if companies interviewed translators the way they interview coders?’ Jose makes up what would be ridiculous questions for a translator that programmers can relate to. The analogy might not be perfect though, as pointed out by Gayle McDowell (Author of Cracking the Coding Interview) in a comment at the end of the article.

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GitLab released version 9.3. It’s just a product release announcement, but it’s crazy cool. New features include Code Quality and Multi-Project Pipeline Graphs. Read the full announcement or watch a demo. [Ed. - things like this can make GitHub compete on features other than the color of the navigation bar!]

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