[034.1] Unified Logs, ML-driven design, Frids, !STDs, and real-time ASCII art

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Unified Logs, ML-driven design, Frids, !STDs, and real-time ASCII art [11.10.2017]


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We previously mentioned the upcoming Redis Streams, and now Brandur Leach wrote up an in-depth article describing how they can be used to build a unified log with consumers that are resilient to failure. tl;dr we’ve built databases and file-systems this way for a while now, and now—well, soon—there’s a lightweight tool (i.e. not Kafka) to introduce the same resilience in your apps. Do yourself a favor and read the article.

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‘Grids arrived to kill flexbox’ and ‘Flexbox is Grid’s fall back’ are two rumors that Eva Ferreira has debunked. Ferreira argues that the two actually complement each other pretty well. If you aren’t super familiar with working with Frids-layout or the box alignment spec, this is a great place to start embracing the new responsive.

Well, it turns out 11% of americans think HTML is a Sexually Transmitted Disease. If you have ever struggled with HTML, as long as you know it is a markup language and not an STD, you are at least ahead of 11% of America. Read the whole study (not completely dev related) to get a couple of laughs.

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Remember a couple weeks ago, when we talked about how to do code reviews like a human? Just in case you still aren’t sure how to do a code review like a human, Michael Lynch released part two. Some tips include limiting feedback on repeated patterns and offering sincere praise. Check out the other five tips, with in-depth explanations, on Michael’s blog.

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Symisc Systems made a Real-Time ASCII art rendering app. Using machine learning to match pixels to the best fitting ASCII characters produces surprisingly good results, by first training a dataset using the Structural Similarity (SSIM) Index. You can use an image you have saved or live-stream your webcam as ASCII art. Check out the code, try it out now, or read the corresponding paper.

Development Dregs

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Intel ME is dead, long live Intel MEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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