[066.1] Vue.js Handbook, Elm generative art, Gentoo Github compromised, and Kubernetes’ effects on an organization

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Vue.js Handbook, Elm generative art, Gentoo Github compromised, and Kubernetes’ effects on an organization [07.02.2018]

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Does your business rely on reaching software developers, but you find yourself struggling to get the right kind of eyes? Recently realized that buying ads targeting developers is near impossible, due to adblock usage? Hit reply and let us know, we can help.

CTO Office Hours

Our CTO Office Hours meetup went great last week, and there were so many questions we wanted to do it again this week. We’ll be back on Google Meet this Friday, July 6, at 3pm EST: meet.google.com/pqx-aqzr-bhe. If you have architecture, tech management, or job finding questions come hang out and Josh & Adam will talk through them with you.


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You might have known that Elm can generate SVG images. Xavier Ho took this a step further by making functional generative art. First, see how to simply make a line with Elm in SVG. Then, watch Xavier add more and more features until a piece of art is created.

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Late November last year it seemed the size of the Ethereum-blockchain would not reach 1TB in the foreseeable future. Well, surprise! The size has exceeded 1TB, and there are some real concerns about the Ethereum-blockchain. StopAndDecrypt suggests developers Take everything you’ve learned and start developing applications on top of a good blockchain. One that isn’t broken. However, if you do need to keep using Ethereum, try out the new app Cleargraph, which is a multi-purpose GraphQL instance for your crypto wallet.

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Flavio Copes made a free handbook for Vue.js. The 122 page handbook covers tooling, components, building blocks, and more advanced features like communication and state management. If you’re not familiar with Vue.js this is a good book to skim through.

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Combinator selectors, attribute selectors, user interface selectors, structural selectors, and everything else you need to know about CSS selectors are all in one spot thanks to David Gwyer. If you haven’t taken time to learn more about CSS selectors, don’t worry you don’t have to because it is all in David’s piece, ‘Level up your CSS selector skills’ with lots of examples! :)

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Flutter announced Release Preview 1 as final changes are being made for version 1.0. Active users have increased by 50% since Google I/O about a month ago, and GitHub stars on the Flutter repo have more than tripled from a year ago. If you haven’t seen it, Flutter Studio looks sharp as well.

The GitHub Gentoo Organization was hacked by an unknown entity. Gentoo Developers lost all access to the site, and during the hack several changes were made to content. As of now the repo is hidden to avoid any developers relying on it, and once everything is back to normal it will be made public again. Follow the Gentoo Linux Wiki accident report on June 28th for more updates. Worth noting that the GitHub org is just a mirror of the official repos, which were not compromised.

Google Cloud faced some heavy criticism late last week in Punch a Server’s piece ‘Why you should not use Google Cloud.’ The user’s project was taken down without any notice followed by 10+ emails from Google. GCP responded directly today by saying There is a large group of folk (within GCP) interested in making things better, not just for you but for all GCP customers. If this piques your interest, check out the spicy reddit conversations or saucy orange site comments.

Paul Ingles talks through uSwitch’s transition to Kubernetes from a mess of AWS microservices. The primary benefits of Kubernetes to their team was reduced complexity and less ops work for developers. They also discovered that the number of services used per developer dropped and they deployed more often.