[074.1] Waffle Fries as a Service; Elm 0.19; has OSS failed?; design for devs

Chick-fil-A deploys k8s for fun and proffit, Elm 0.19 compiles to very small bundles, Does OSS provide for societal good?, How to stop sucking at design

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Waffle Fries as a Service; Elm 0.19; has OSS failed?; design for devs [08.25.2018]

A free ReasonML video series from SmoothTerminal

Introduction - Installing ReasonML and getting to know its ecosystem, including refmt, Merlin, BuckleScript, and redex.

Fundamentals Part 1 - Dive into the core fundamentals of ReasonML, including let, type, string, char, and more.

Fundamentals Part 2 - Record, variant, list, array, function, if/else.

Fundamentals Part 3 - Destructuring, pattern matching, imperative loops, modules.

ReasonML Standard Library - Getting comfortable with ReasonML's standard library.


Chick-fil-A made their second post in a series on Bare metal Kubernetes clustering at scale. This one covers Edge Computing at Chick-fil-A -- this pair of stories is not to be missed. They cover their reasoning, technologies tested, and their deployment architecture. In place of the ‘normal’ Kubernetes deployment of a few large clusters with many thousands of containers, they have thousands of deployments with tens of containers.

Has open source software failed as a source for social good? There has been a large discussion around that topic over the last weeks. John Mark kicked off the conversation with Why Open Source Failed, to which Mike Overby responded with Open Source Has Not Failed. Don't Cover Up Corporate Abuse of Open Source. I think Mike has a better take, and more companies need to step up and support the open source projects that they depend on.

There is a lot of hype around GraphQL and when it should be used. In Why use GraphQL, good and bad reasons, the folks at Honest Engineering give a good overview and weigh the pros and cons. As software engineers, we know there is no silver bullet that solves all our problems, but a good architecture can go a long way. Take a look and see if it helps you determine if you should start using GraphQL .

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Elm 0.19 was released this week! *Evan’s announcement post focuses on how Elm now produces *really small bundle sizes without any extra work. The RealWorld example app in React produces a 77kb bundle, but the Elm 0.19 equivalent is only 29kb. It does this via function-level dead code elimination, and we wouldn’t see these results if Elm were not so strict on how it performs FFI with JavaScript . Read the whole post, then check out the release notes and the sweet new time API!

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The videos from React Rally are finally out. Evan Czaplicki's talk discusses parallels between React and Elm . Kent C. Dodds gave a great talk about reusable React components, making React as simple as possible. Ken Wheeler gives a quick ReasonML overview. These are just some highlights; check them all out to get your JavaScript fix in the React Rally YouTube channel.

With the new React Context API, should we keep using Redux? Does it take the place of Redux ? Dave Ceddia clarifies the differences between the two approaches and in which case you should use each one. Worth reading, especially if you haven’t yet explored the new React 16.3 Context API .

In Don't do this in production, Stephen Mann shares a story of a pre-launch code audit he conducted where he found the codebase littered with copy-pasted code from blog posts that explicitly warn against production use. He diagnosed this as a consequence the team consisting solely of junior devs with no production experience. Stephen explicitly states that it’s not a people problem. I disagree; the buck must stop somewhere. In this case: the blame lays with management for staffing a team of solely junior developers.

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The EFF published Telling the Truth About Defects in Technology Should Never, Ever, Ever Be Illegal. EVER. It’s a history and exposition of the CFAA and the DMCA ’s use to silence security researchers. This abuse of the law is a clear violation of the First Amendment. Corporations and congress-critters (out of malice or ignorance) routinely use these Acts as a cudgel against public security disclosure. They’ve sued to overturn DMCA 1201 and this week they held an AMA on Reddit in which they responded to questions.

Suck at web design? Well, stop it. It’s a learned skill just like anything else, and Ali Spittel covers how to get started in A Web Design Crash Course: From Developer to Developer. Also don’t miss the orange site discussion, where a lot of links and advice are shared.

If you’re into blockchain development, or invest in cryptocurrencies , then you should absolutely read Is Charlie Munger right about Cryptocurrencies? The article explores problems with the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and how that may affect its long term evolution and valuation.

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