[017.1] [ Weekly Drip July 15th ] Discord scales with Elixir, People argue over most popular langs, and Cryptocurrency ICOs

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[ Weekly Drip July 15th ] Discord scales with Elixir, People argue over most popular langs, and Cryptocurrency ICOs [07.14.2017]


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Discord has been scaling with Elixir. Now with 5 million concurrent users, CTO of Discord, Stanislav Vishnevskiy, talked about how it came to be. He also said Elixir has proven to be a great experience. The article primarily focuses on production issues they ran across and how they fixed them. The Erlang Virtual Machine and ecosystem have comically good operations tooling. Come for the concurrency and pleasant macros, stay for the 30 year legacy!

Elixir is a lot of fun to write. It’s refreshing coming from a super OO language back to a functional language that has truly pragmatic frameworks like Phoenix. Get started with our free screencast series on Elixir and Phoenix.

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JetBrains did a survey to over 5,000 developers to find out the ‘State of the Developer Ecosystem.’ They found that Java is the most popular primary language, Javascript is the most used overall, and Go was found to be the most promising. They have some extremely interesting finds like 65% of developers are gamers, and only 6% of developers get over 8 hours of sleep. Take a look at all of the results. I feel like there is a bit of a survivorship bias in this survey though. Of course JetBrain’s network is dominated by Java/python/php devs, that’s mainly what their platform is used for. If we (DailyDrip) did a survey it’d be Elixir/Elm dominating (aka Hipster Languages), judging by other sources like TIOBE the spreads are much different.

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In contrast to JetBrains, Waren Long analyzed how programming languages change over time on GitHub. Some of his findings include Python being more popular than Java, the popularity of Go remains relatively low and Perl is dying. He has some really cool graphs to visualize his findings as well.

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Graphcool made an open-source fullstack GraphQL tutorial website called ‘How to GraphQL.’ You can now quickly learn ‘How to GraphQL’ with React, Java, Elixir, and several other technologies. Take a look at the website, or the source code and install it locally.

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@BruceDawson0xB deep dives why he can’t move his mouse on a 24 core CPU. In the article, he deep dives into the trace to figure out why this is happening, ending on a bug in the serialization of processes in Windows.

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