[2019-03-18] New GraphQL course; Phoenix LiveView is now available; The value of older coders; All glory to the monolith

We’ve released a new course, GraphQL: Zero to Awesome. In it, we build a GraphQL forum backend in both Elixir and JavaScript, and write clients for it in Vue, React Native, Elm, and Flutter. There’s over four and a half hours of content, and all of the code is open source. We would be extremely grateful if you’d give it a look and share it with your friends. If you like SmoothTerminal/DailyDrip, help support us by buying a subscription to our courses. [don’t click this]


The Planned Obsolescence of Old Coders  [Orange Site] [Blue Site 1] [Blue Site 2] -  Well written article arguing that age should be tracked like gender and race for dev demographics. There are fewer older coders in the first place, and the orange/blue site debate between younger devs who know a specific (usually js) stack vs. older coders who can parachute in and learn any stack is interesting. If you eschew hiring older devs, those that hire them will  kick your whippersnapper ass in the marketplace.

Phoenix LiveView is now public. - Using Elixir and Phoenix, build “rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML.” Extremely excited about this one.

“Good Code Documents Itself” And Other Hilarious Jokes You Shouldn’t Tell Yourself - “Nobody likes bad documentation, but avoiding documentation altogether cannot be the solution to it.”

Give Me Back My Monolith [Orange Site] - Craig Kerstiens points out that people reach for microservices too early and it hurts them. The orange site comments are gold.

Technical Debt is like Tetris - When should you pay down technical debt? “It’s complicated, and it will always be a balancing act.”

A JavaScript-Free Frontend - Simple, server-rendered pages can still be great.

Iodide: an experimental tool for scientific communication and exploration on the web [Orange Site] - Mozilla built a great interactive browser-based notebook tool using WebAssembly. They even made Python and numpy, pandas, scipy, scikit-learn, and more work in-browser.

Instant realtime charts using GraphQL - Easily turn a GraphQL query into a ChartJS chart.

Fast, Bump-Allocated Virtual DOMs with Rust and Wasm [Orange Site] - Dodrio is a virtualdom implementation written in Rust and webassembly with best-in-class performance.

Roll Your Own Analytics [Orange Site] - HN comments have lots of alternative options

What causes Ruby memory bloat? - The memory allocator doesn’t like to free memory back to the kernel (the grey boxes above). Hongli Lai patched Ruby to call malloc_trim() when it starts garbage collection, and it brought his benchmark app memory usage from 230MB down to 60MB.

A gentle introduction to multithreading - A discussion of threads, green threads, data races, and concurrency control options.